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As part of the European Earth Observation Programme (Copernicus), the PASODOBLE project aims to provide information and support for regions and cities that are affected by air pollution. By combining space-based data, in-situ measurements and modeling, the ‘Myair service’ portfolio is being developed and demonstrated for users in four thematic areas:

  • Health community support
  • Public forecasting and assessment
  • Compliance monitoring support
  • Local forecast model evaluation support

User-driven and sustainable downstream services in more than 30 regions and cities throughout Europe are being developed. Existing user requirements are analysed and improved service designs proposed. Involving over 30 users in 16 countries, the project links global satellite and modeling capacities to specific local applications according to user needs.

PASODOBLE is working towards a co-ordinated European framework for sustainable downstream air quality services. By developing a generic and integrated service infrastructure, including quality management, it will increase the sustainability and implementation efficiency for new services in the future.

By raising awareness, reducing health costs and decreasing morbidity caused by air pollution, PASODOBLE will contribute to improving quality of life and sustainability of wellbeing.

Service offerings

Health community

Health community support for hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and people at risk. Read more >

Forecasting and Assessment

Public information for regions, cities, the tourist industry and sporting event organisers. Read more >

Compliance monitoring

Compliance monitoring support on particulate matter for regional environmental agencies. Read more >

Local Forecast Evaluation

Local forecast model evaluation support for local authorities and city bodies. Read more >

Introduction to MyAir Pasodoble

Watch the MyAir PASODOBLE film »

News from the project

The PASODOBLE/Myair Final Meeting

The PASODOBLE/Myair Final Meeting was successfully held from 23 to 25 April in Cambridge, UK. All presentations can be found here. ...

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An article on VITO’s traffic scenario assessment service has recently been published

An article on VITO’s traffic scenario assessment service has recently been published on the eurisy website.  The article focuses on the use of the service in...

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